The 50 Hours travel blog is not just another travel blog. We’re not going to bore you with bathtub photographs and sexy pictures of ourselves. We’re going to tell you what to do over a weekend trip, and use your 50 hours in the best possible way.

I am Indian and work as a communications consultant and my husband is British, and works in AI (or data analysis or something). When we started travelling as a couple 4 years ago, we realised a lot of our time went into thinking about where to go, what to do, and how exactly to do it all in the limited time we had. With full time jobs, we always look forward to our trips, and don’t really plan anything until we get there (for lack of time to plan beforehand).  Once we get somewhere, we speak to locals, look up reviews on travel sites, read a few blogs, draw out maps and decide where to eat each day that we’re there (I’m vegetarian so immense planning is an unfortunate side effect of travelling).

Every time we do this,  we wish someone would give us a ready-made, well-researched itinerary based on their experiences and mistakes, so we could make the absolute best of our trip. So we’re going to do just that.

This blog is for people like us – young at heart, millennial, multicultural world citizens, glocal, connected (but also not cuz digital detox is cool), concerned about the well-being of the world, peace-wishing, cat-chasing, wander-lusting, culture-loving travellers. Not tourists. Not foreign visitors. People who want to see the world before all of Antarctica melts and the Martians take over.